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Here's what a few students did as a part of Catherine's Closet to make a difference:

Kia W.: Volunteered at 3 give-aways, was a personal shopper and a bagger.

Tro-jah I.: Made a 1000 copies of flyers for Catherine's Closet, and baked with intentions to donate.

Samantha B.: Sent out e-mails, sorted dresses, advertised, and participated in the give-away.

Sheerah Ann L.: Sorted Dresses, constructed time-sheets, distributed flyers, re-designed organizations donation card, and numbered entrance tickets.

Joran S.: Sent out emails, made phone calls, sorted dresses, attended officer and membership meetings and assisted in moving the dresses.

Alissa M.: Overlooked advertising, member of the mending and sorting committees, volunteered on give-away day.

Jacquetta Ashley G.: Flyer promotions in Newark and New York and sold tickets for "Tricky Tray".

Xiomara B.: Created greeting cards for scholarship fundraisers, designed and constructed event table centerpieces and signs.

Lisa B: Wrote letters, sent out emails, created flyers, sorted dresses and participated in committee meetings.

Latice T.: Made posters for community sale, designed Catherine's Closet buttons, created event banners.

Ali L.: Introduced Ocean & Monmouth Counties to the Catherine's Closet charity. Collected dresses, sorted and helped with shopping days, made flyers for distribution, updated website.

Let us know what your group is doing to get the word out about Catherine's Closet and making a difference and we'll post it right here on CatherinesCloset.com

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